No other ice & snow melter comes close

 Never Shovel Snow Again!

 End Icy Snowbound Winters Forever with Propellant-49

Ice and Snow Melter

Propellant 49 clears walks, drives, ramps, steps, parking lots and loading docks.

Apply it by hand, scoop, shovel or spreader.

Propellant 49 pays for itself by keeping business traffic moving

Prevents painful accidents eliminating damage suits.

Propellant 49 uses its heat energy only to melt snow and ice.

Harmless to vegetation, tires, shoes, tile, metal, ornamental grill work, pavers, carpeting, concrete and more.

Propellant 49 clears drains and downspouts. It never stains, corrodes or rusts metal or bronze.

Truck, bus and cab drivers throw it under rear wheels to get vehicles moving in ice and snow.

and Thousands of others

Fastest acting

Melts continuously up to 36 hours        

Melts at temperatures as low as 65 degrees below zero

100% active ingredients means no messy residue to track in        

Environmentally safe and friendly

Harmless to concrete, asphalt, vegetation, metal, tile, carpet, marble, pets, lawn, etc.

Exceptionally cost effective

Goes a long way - 100 pounds covers up to 10 thousand square feet

Compact 50 or 100 pound waterproof containers use very little storage space.

Unprecedented 2 year storage guarantee.

National Park Service

The White House

Town of Vail, Colorado

Coors Brewery

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts     

New York/New Jersey Port Authority

Proctor & Gamble

Among our thousands of customers:

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The fastest, longest acting, most effective and safest deicing agent in the world

for 63 Years!!!

Lockheed Martin

Nothing compares with Propellant-49 as the longest melting, fastest acting safest ice and snow melter