The American Research and Testing Laboratories

Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis          Consulting Service

Report To:    Pace Products, Inc.

Report on:                                                                Evaluation of Propellant-49 Chemical De-Icer      

                                                                                 Thirty grams of de-icer used in each test

                                                                                   Safety Tests conducted on Propellant-49     

                                                                                  (a) Skin Patch Tests: Propellant-49 produced no harmful effects on contact with either hands or face.     

                                                                                    (b) Reactions (if any) on the following materials.

Wool cloth                                                             No Reaction

Cotton Cloth                                                                                  No Reaction

Nylon                                                                                                No Reaction

Grass                                                                                                No Reaction

Flowering plants                                                                           No Reaction

Cement                                                                                            No Reaction

Asphalt                                                                                             No Reaction

External tile                                                                                    No Reaction

Indoor tile                                                              No Reaction

Carpeting                                                                                         No Reaction     

Fiber matting                                                                                  No Reaction

Brass                                                                      No Reaction

Iron work                                                                                          No Reaction

Galvanized metal                                                                           No Reaction

Bronze                                                                                                No Reaction

Painted surfaces                                                                             No Reaction

Propellant-49 exhibits no harmful chemical reactions on any of

the above materials.


On the basis of the above test data we certify that Propellant-49 is an effective de-icing compound. It is safe to use and harmless to the above tested materials.

Respectfully submitted,

The American Research and Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Paul W. Stokesbury


Certified Safe

Of all the de-icing products on the market, only Propellant-49 has been exhaustively tested and certified by theAmerican Research and Testing Laboratories, an independent testing organization. This product evaluation is assurance to each user that Propellant-49 is not only the most effective ice and snow melter, it can also be depended upon for complete safety all winter.