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Four  of our other state-of-the-art products that  outperform and outlast any product of its kind.

They come ready to use, are easy to apply, and provide unequaled performance and quality

Safety with Slip Proof Surfaces - Allsafe

100 per cent skid proof  coating for all wood, metal and concrete Surfaces.

It is impossible to lose footing even under the most hazardous conditions.

·     Prevents costly accidents

·     is USDA authorized

·     ALLSAFE will not peel or come up and will last year

·     Dries in 5 to 8 hours


Asphalt/Blacktop Pothole Repair - Traffix

* An instant, permanent repair

* Works in wet, frozen and sub-freezing ground

* Will not come up even during extreme temperature changes

* Ready for traffic immediately following application


Roof Repair and Renewals -  Complete Renewals & Emergency Patching

·     Eliminates having to repair or replace a roof

·     Saves thousands of dollars of roof repair or replacement costs

·     Stops leaks instantly and keeps them stopped


Waterproof Vertical Masonry Exteriors

·     Transparent waterproof formula fights water penetration

·     Carries deep into brick, concrete block, poured concrete, wood or stucco to tightly

·     seal each pore

·     Rains driven by 100 mph winds cannot penetrate Oasis' waterproof shield