Clean Everything FASTER - Better - Cheaper - Easier

Concentrated Cleaner - Heavy-Duty - Biodegradable - USDA Approved

    The Concentrated Cleaner that S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s Manpower!

    Cleaner Concentrate KANDU Does It Better at Lower Cost!

    Goes farther - Cleans faster - Cleans easier!

Cleaner Concentrate KANDU emulsifies the most stubborn dirt accumulations ... even caked and imbedded dirt.

It breaks down with instant action ... as dirt floats to the surface, its carrier agent sweeps dirt away.

With KANDU, you get faster cleaning action

NO RINSE is required.

What It's Like

Ordinary cleaner concentrate detergents, including the most widely advertised, consist of only three or four ingredients.

KANDU's biodegradable formula combines 8 ingredients to provide maximum cleaning action.

With all this raw power that blasts dirt, grease and oil away you get remarkable mildness.

A special neutralizer sees to that.

KANDU is non-toxic. Completely safe - even on valuable oil paintings.

Anything water won't harm is the place to save money with KANDU.


Recommended for everything including floors, windows, woodwork, walls, ceilings, blacktops, auto and RV washing, engines, equipment, machinery, exterior walls, porcelain, glassware, lavatories, ceramic tile and much, much more.

Use only one ounce to one gallon of warm water. Comes with complete directions.

KANDU is a USDA approved, biodegradable, low-foaming cleaner.

It is unexcelled for schools, apartment complexes, restaurants, hospitals, industrial and institutional use.

Indoors and out.

Providing state of the art industrial maintenance products to the world for 58 years

Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.  (Canada 20 liter pails only.)


Detergent Cleaner Concentrate

[Minimum shipment: 15 gallons]

55 gallon drum  $21.28 per gallon - 5 gallon pail  $21.81 per gallon

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