Maintenance Products and Solutions

Asphalt, Concrete & Pavement Repair

From the same company that offers the incredible, world renown 36 hour ice and snow melter


Permanent one step solutions to all concrete and asphalt

patch, repairing and resurfacing needs.

Our products are ready to use, easy to apply, do it yourself, long-lasting one-coaters that meet and exceed the highest standards of industrial maintenance products.


Save thousands on labor and material costs.

Concrete and Asphalt Maintenance Products


One coat Blacktop Sealer

A remarkable development for blacktop protection. A pure asphalt base for deep penetration. One Coat treatment with roller. Seals hairline cracks. Fast drying. Traffic ready in as little as 4-6 hours. Ready for parking in 10-12 hours.

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Instant pothole repair/Inside and out

Instant method for leveling and repairing potholes. Made with an adhesive asphalt and graded aggregate angular. An all-weather repair even on wet surfaces. For asphalt, brick and cement. No special tools required. Shovel it into the chuckhole. Tamp with back of shovel, let traffic roll. No mixing. Ready to use.

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One coat concrete sealer

A remarkable blend of clear acrylic and polyester resins that puts down a super-tough film to protect concrete and other masonry sidewalls, parking lots and driveways.

Prevents spalling, staining, dusting, chipping and pitting. Traffic ready in 2 hours.

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Fast setting cement repair/Inside and out

A fast setting repair for concrete floors, ramps, walks, loading docks, etc. Ready for foot traffic in 15 minutes. Truck traffic in less than one hour. Sets up fast even in sub-freezing temperatures within 30-45 minutes. Stronger than concrete.  No primer required. Makes breaks and holes in concrete stronger than surrounding area. Ideal both inside and out.

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Fast-Krete II

Concrete Resurfacer

Designed to easily and quickly resurface spalled and pitted areas on concrete floors, sidewalks, loading docks, ramps, driveways, etc. A tough, self-bonding, all-weather,oil resistant concrete resurfacer. Stronger and lasts longer than surrounding concrete. Accepts foot traffic overnight. Cures for heavy traffic in 48 ours. Hardens to a concrete gray finish.

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AllSafe II

Non-slip spark-proof coating/Inside and Out

A special rubber base pigmented enamel provides a durable, coarse non-slip surface over wood, metal and concrete surfaces. This worker safe non-slip coating may be applied indoors or out.

Highly resistant to grease, mild acid, oil, alkali, detergents, brake fluid, etc. Provides a permanent non-slip, non-skid surface.

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Waterproof Masonry Exteriors With

100% One Coat Transparent Waterproofing Formula

The magic of silicones used in colorless, transparent Oasis fights water penetration by repelling moisture.

Oasis carries deep into the brick, concrete block, poured concrete, wood or stucco to tightly seal each pore.

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Detergent Cleaner Concentrate

USDA approved. Biodegradable, low-foaming cleaner. Free rinsing.

Unexcelled for schools, churches, apartment complexes, office buildings, factories, and institutional use.

Indoors and out.

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