Skid proof coating for wood, concrete and metal floors

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 State-of-the-art safety slip proof coating - ALLSAFE II

Takes the Slips and Falls Out of Danger Areas!


ALLSAFE II is an easy to apply, easy to use, incomparable single part non-skid coating system, providing superior

scuff resistance and super durability. 

This rubber base enamel coating provides a tough, spark-proof safety finish that exceeds OSHA requirements.

Use it on loading docks, ramps, ship decks, catwalks, tailgates & truck beds, food processing plants,
locker rooms, stair treads, bus aisles, kitchens, swimming pools, ramps, retail areas and more!

ALLSAFE II contains a specially formulated resin material blended with millions of diamond hard silica grit which takes the
slip and fall out of the most slippery surfaces. 
These particles grab the soles of the feet walking across the floor, ramp, loading dock or any surface.
It is
impossible to lose footing even when operating under the most hazardous conditions. 


    Prevents costly accidents along with the resulting litigation and the suffering such accidents cause. 

    Is not a paint - it is a skid proof coating - the equivalent of 10 times the thickness of conventional floor paint.

    Has its own primer "built-in" - labor is saved by using just one coat.

    Is USDA authorized

    Adheres and bonds to metal, wood and cement surfaces.

    Is spark proof

    Makes clean up easy - its grippers are so microscopic the finish is relatively smooth

    Is easy to apply.  A stiff bristled brush is all that is needed.

    Unlike other so-called skid proof coatings, ALLSAFE will not peel or come up and will last year after year after year

    Dries in 5 - 8 hours.  You will never have a tie up in production and traffic flow.

Every factory, business and institution must have ALLSAFE II for slip-proofing any accident prone areas.

ON LAND OR ON SEA!  Indoor or Outdoor! 

ALLSAFE II is resistant to alkali, detergents, mild acids, brake fluid, oil, grease, and more 

ALLSAFE II  will outlast ALL other so-called skid proof coatings

USDA approved for use in food handling areas

Also use for marinas - boat docks, ships, piers and on trucks.


The Miracle of "Built-In" Traction!

If you put ALLSAFE II under a microscope you will see a specifically formulated resin material blended with millions of diamond hard, silica grit which takes the slip and fall out of the slipperiest surfaces. 

These particles act as 'snubbers' to grab the sole soles of the person walking across the floor, ramp, loading dock, truck bed, etc.  They make it impossible to lose footing even when operating under the most hazardous conditions.

ALLSAFE II prevents costly accidents and resulting litigation as well as any needless suffering caused by such accidents.


A sampling of the many Thousands who play it safe with ALLSAFE II

American Can Company Baltimore Gas & Electric Minneapolis Schools
Johns Manville Company University of Pennsylvania Howard County Schools
American Tug & Barge Company International Hat Company Safeway Stores
Calavo Growers of California Southwestern Bell Telephone Polk County Board of Education
U.S. Navy General Electric Del Webb's Townhouses
Los Angeles - Seattle Motor Express General Services Administration Stokely Van Camp
Bridgeport Brass Company National Tea Company Port  of Everett
Newsday Gates Fenway Park
New York/New Jersey Port Authority Arrowhead Harbor and Thousands More



Providing State of


Providing state-of-the-art industrial maintenance products to the world for 56 years

Sold for commercial use only

Spark-proof coating/Inside and Outside

    Carton of 4-1 gallon containers - $282.13

5 gallon pail  - $346.50 

[Minimum shipment: 8 gallons]

Free Shipping on orders $1,000 or more
[Does not apply to Specials]

Provides a permanent non-slip, non-skid surface
 OSHA colors: Gray,  Red, Yellow, Black, White, Sand
[Color chart available upon request]

USDA Approved
Covers 50 to 75 square feet per gallon.
Dries in 5 - 8 hours.

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