How so-called cheaper ice melters compare to

Propellant 49 in the four critical areas




Propellant 49 


1. Composition
Propellant 49 is 100% chemically active - no inert ingredients - no fillers - no track-in. Every ounce is compounded to give "Melting Power."

Contain up to 27% inerts or fillers. Inerts do not melt ice. They leave residue to track in buildings, and create a mess on sidewalks.

2. Performance
1/10 of a pound per square yard at 10 degrees Fahrenheit melts 2.12 pounds of ice.

Propellant 49 has Controlled Melting Action, (CMA), so that it keeps working at 65 degrees below zero and colder.

1/10 of a pound per square yard at 10 degrees only under the most favorable conditions will melt 1.07 pounds of ice. Loses effectiveness in six to eight hours. Does not work at all in sub-zero weather.
3. Safety
Propellant 49 certified safe in independent tests conducted by the American Research and Testing Laboratories. Contains sodium chloride, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate or salts. These are the killer chemicals that attack grass, cement, plants, etc.
4. Guarantee
Guaranteed safe storage for 2 years.


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