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Snow and Ice Melter 

#1 Ice and Snow Melter in the World for 56 years!

Green and environment-friendly

No other ice/snow melter compares

No other ice/snow melter comes close

Never Shovel Snow Again!
Icy Snowbound Winters Forever with  

The best, fastest, longest acting, most effective and safest
ice and snow melter on the planet!!!


"The most amazing ice and snow melter on the planet ."

No other product comes close . . .

Fastest acting, most effective ice/snow melter anywhere at any price

Begins melting in seconds

36 times faster than salt

12 times faster than calcium chloride

Melts continuously for up to 36 hours

Prevents winter icing and snow coverage

Safer because ice will not refreeze when the sun goes down

Completely eliminates ice chipping

Continues melting and working at temperatures as low as 65 degrees below zero

100% active ingredients means no messy residue to track in

Environmentally safe 

Certified Safe

Of all the de-icing products on the market, only Propellant-49 has been exhaustively tested and certified by the American Research and Testing Laboratories, an independent testing organization. This product evaluation is our assurance to each user that Propellant-49 is not only the most effective ice and snow melter, but that it can also be depended upon for complete safety all winter.


Completely harmless to concrete, asphalt, vegetation, metal, tile, carpet, marble, pets, lawn, etc.

Click Here for Complete Lab Report

Exceptionally cost effective

Goes a long way - 100 pounds covers up to 10 thousand square feet

Compact 100 or 50 pound waterproof containers use very little storage space.

Unprecedented 2 year storage guarantee.

Don't shovel snow or chip ice through another winter!!

Melt ice and snow . . . Easier . . . . . Faster . . . . . Longer . . . . Safer with

For over half a Century - the most powerful and safest ice and snow melter!

The greatest amount of potential heat energy ever put into a chemical de-icer is concentrated into each PROPELLANT 49 pellet.
PROPELLANT 49 will melt two to three times as much ice as old fashioned melting compounds.
The Super Density Pellet has great heat retention effectiveness ... another economy feature.


  • The incredible Propellant-49 pellets melt ice and snow 36 times faster

  • Continues to melt for up to 36 hours

  • Prevents accidents thereby reducing insurance claims

  • Reduces snow shoveling

  • Completely Eliminates ice chipping



By lightly sprinkling these amazing heat energy pellets over frozen surfaces the intense heat is unlocked thawing ice and snow . 
It continues to work for up to 36 hours with
Controlled Melting Action.


Propellant 49  . . . Lasts Longer!

It  melts faster  . . . You use less and always save on material, time and labor. 
Propellant 49 melts two to three times as much ice as any other melting compound.  
It leaves no residue which eliminates tracking in dirt - saving carpets, marble and tile.


54 years leadership in the ice-melting field!

After melting surface ice, Propellant 49 remains active for up to 36 hours preventing further ice formation and snow accumulation.
Compare this to any other de-icing material that you have to use by the bucketful again and again.

Click Here for how other Ice and snow melters compare with Propellant-49


  • Propellant 49 clears walks, drives, ramps, steps, parking lots and loading docks.

  • Apply it by hand, scoop, shovel or spreader.

  • Propellant 49 pays for itself by keeping business traffic moving

  • Prevents painful accidents eliminating damage suits.

  • Propellant 49 uses its heat energy only to melt snow and ice.

  • It is harmless to all types of vegetation, tires, shoes, tile, metal, ornamental grill work, pavers, carpeting, concrete and more.

  • Propellant 49 clears drains and downspouts. It never stains, corrodes or rusts metal or bronze. 

  • Truck, bus and cab drivers throw it under rear wheels to get vehicles moving in ice and snow.

  • Comes in sturdy, compact, convenient 100 or 50 pound drums.

It only sounds too good to be true!

Propellant- 49 has dominated the ice and snow melter market for 56 years.

Among our customers are

Proctor & Gamble Town of Vail, Colorado Union Carbide
Lockheed Martin Coleman Outdoors New York/New Jersey Port Authority
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Coors Brewery and Thousands of others


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